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Columbia University professor Michael Stone knows evil. He’s a forensic psychologist — the type of expert that provides testimony on the mental state of accused murderers when a declaration of insanity can mean the difference between life and death row.

Stone researched hundreds of killers and their methods and motives to develop his hierarchy of “evil”. The scale ranges from Category 1, those who kill in self-defense, to the Category 22, serial torturer-murderers. 

  1. Those who have killed in self-defense, and who do not show traces of psychopathy.
  2. Jealous lovers who committed murder; although egocentric or immature, they are not psychopaths.
  3. Willing companions of killers: aberrant personality, impulse-ridden, with some antisocial traits.
  4. Those who have killed in self-defense, but had been extremely provocative toward the victim for that to happen.
  5. Traumatized, desperate persons who killed abusive relatives or other people, but who show remorse for their crime and are not psychopaths.
  6. Impetuous, hotheaded murderers, yet without marked psychopathic traits.
  7. Highly narcissistic, but not distinctly psychopathic persons—some with a psychotic core—who kill persons next to them, with jealousy as an underlying motive.
  8. Non-psychopathic persons with smoldering rage, and who kill when the rage is ignited.
  9. Jealous lovers with marked psychopathic features.
  10. Killers of people “in the way”, such as witnesses. Extremely egocentric, but not distinctly psychopathic.
  11. Psychopathic killers of people “in the way”, such as close friends or even family members.
  12. Power-hungry psychopaths who kill when they are “cornered”.
  13. Psychopathic murderers with inadequate, rageful personalities, rage being the reason of their killings.
  14. Ruthlessly self-centered psychopathic schemers who kill to benefit themselves.
  15. Psychopathic cold-blooded spree killers or multiple murderers.
  16. Psychopaths committing multiple vicious acts, with repeated acts of extreme violence.
  17. Sexually perverse serial murderers: Rape is the primary motive and the victim is killed to hide evidence.
  18. Psychopathic torture-murderers, where murder is the primary motive, and the victim is killed after a torture that was not prolonged.
  19. Psychopaths driven to terrorism, subjugation, intimidation, and rape, short of murder or murder is not the primary motive.
  20. Psychopathic torture-murderers, where torture is the primary motive, but in persons with distinct psychoses (such as schizophrenia).
  21. Psychopaths who do not kill their victims, but do subject them to extreme torture.
  22. Psychopathic torture-murderers, where torture is the primary motive. In most cases, the crime has a sexual motivating factor.

(Source: Wikipedia, via psychedelicv-o-i-d)